A few facts from inside our factory! (infographic)

We have a true passion for paper here at Rose Tissues and love what we do, to give you an idea of what happens within the Rose Tissues factory we’ve created an infographic with a few facts and statistics!

Rose Tissues infographic

Rose Tissues visits Milan for the Tissue World Trade Show

Our Commercial Director, Khurram Iqbal, has recently returned from Milan where he attended the Tissue World Trade Show 25-27 March to meet with other professionals, tissue makers, converters and suppliers within the industry. A fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas, network and learn; Khurram gained insights into the upcoming industry developments and how they could be implemented at our Oldham factory.

Tissue World 2017

“Paper conversion is our passion here at Rose Tissues so it was fantastic to meet with other international businesses at the conference to share knowledge and expertise to enhance our products and sector. We want to continue to offer our customers a quality service and hope that the insights we’ve brought back to the UK will benefit them.”

He added: “We were excited to tell others about the Amica Toilet Tissue Rewinder Line we’ve invested in from the Paper Converting Machine Company in Italy. We’re still awaiting its arrival in our factory but we’ve been sent some images and videos of it in full action and can’t wait to start ‘rolling out’ the new enhanced capability for our customers!”

Rose Tissues – Growing our team with a passion for paper

We’re sad to say our trusty Electrical Engineer Paul Bayman has retired this month after joining us in 2012 and being a part of our team for over four years. Right from day one, Paul always had a willingness to get stuck-in and really embodied our ‘Passion for Paper’ ethos, making him a brilliant addition to the team. His positive attitude will be sorely missed but we’re hoping to welcome a new team player who will be just as dedicated as Paul.

Paul Bayman

If you have a passion for paper and have previous experience in the tissue industry, please get in touch. We’re currently looking for a Head of Sales and a Maintenance Engineer, however we’re always looking for new people to join the Rose Tissues family so if you think you’d be a good fit on paper (pardon the pun!), get in touch and we can have a chat.

Rose Tissues prepares to ‘roll’ out new piece of machinery and enhanced production capability

In the next couple of months, we’re very excited to be welcoming a new ‘team member’ at Rose Tissues’ HQ in Oldham. Due to arrive in April, the Amica Toilet Tissue Rewinder Line from the Paper Converting Machine Company in Italy will be hitting our factory floor.


PCMC is a global leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of production lines for the tissue industry and our team can’t wait to see this advanced piece of machinery on our production line.

Amica Rewinder

How the new machinery will benefit Rose Tissues customers

The technologically innovative machine will assist us in producing better quality products at a quicker production rate and changeover time, increasing our capacity by 50%! The embossing unit will increase bulk without having to compromise on comfort and absorbency, which means customers can expect further choice in the patterns printed onto the paper without having to balance quality with appearance. It will also provide us with further options such as sheet counts, roll sizes and roll height which means that we can work closely with our customers to design a bespoke roll based upon the consumers’ needs.

We take pride in improving and maintaining the machinery we have here at Rose Tissues and our Head Engineer Martyn Preston is looking forward to ‘rolling’ out the new kit!

Fun facts about toilet paper!

Our company ethos is to work with a ‘Passion for Paper’, we know it might not be the most thrilling of sectors to work in but it’s our job and we love it! To lighten the spirit a bit, we’ve found some interesting statistics you might not know about toilet paper…

RT - 5 day roll

RT - nose care

RT - hanging sheet

RT - public restroom visits per roll

Martyn on Maintenance

Employee Spotlight with Martyn Preston, Head Engineer at Rose Tissues

Here at Rose Tissues, we take pride in the calibre of our team members and appreciate the hard work they put in to ensure that we can continue manufacturing high quality toilet tissue and kitchen towel to a high standard day-in-day-out. Martyn Preston, our Head Engineer, took a few minutes out of his day to answer some questions about his role which sees him constantly improving the reliability, efficiency and safety of our plant and personnel:

How long have you worked at Rose Tissues and how did you get into the paper conversion industry?

I’ve worked at Rose Tissues for 12 months. I have over 25 years’ experience in this niche industry and previously worked for an engineering company as a consultant to tissue converters so my knowledge has grown from there. A lot of what I learnt at that company is still being used here at Rose Tissues and is being passed down to younger members of the team.

Which piece of machinery at the Rose Tissues factory is your favourite and for what reason?

My favourite piece is the Stax Wrappers machine because it’s a relatively new addition to the factory. I love dealing with new pieces of kit and learning how it all works. I suppose I’m a bit like a child with a new toy, although the novelty hasn’t worn off just yet!

What sort of jobs do you do on an average day at work?

On an average day at work I go around each machine and change over parts to ensure that they are all working to achieve maximum efficiency. I also do a lot of preventative maintenance. Everything needs to be in tip-top condition because we run 24 hours a day Monday to Friday so it’s incredibly important that all the machines and equipment are spick and span – like a well-oiled machine some might say!

What do you think is Rose Tissues’ greatest ‘unique selling point’?

Because we’re a smaller family firm, we take real pride in what we do. Some people may think that making toilet paper and kitchen roll isn’t the most glamourous job in the world but it’s a lot more interesting that you might imagine and it is the people behind the manufacturing that make the products and the customer experience so good.


You can now meet some of our team on our new website and keep up to date with what we’re up to on Twitter, LinkedIn and by signing up to our e-newsletter.

Wholesalers: Plan ahead for household essentials pre-Christmas to avoid that ‘empty’ feeling in January

Christmas is a busy time of year no matter what area of retail you’re in but for big wholesalers who hold huge amounts of seasonal stock, there is a tendency for everyday items to be forgotten about.

Customers still require the necessities over the festive period and into the new year and basics like toilet tissue and kitchen towel are no exception. In fact, the first week in January tends to be a time for stocking up on essentials once the shops re-open and customers will expect the shelves to be full of everything they need.

Whilst we continue manufacturing our toilet tissue and kitchen towel ranges across the Christmas period, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure delivery for the new year. Being so bulky, disposable household paper products like toilet roll and kitchen roll need to arrive at just the right time to replenish empty shelves without requiring storage.

rose-christmasWe make it as easy as possible for our customers to plan ahead by showcasing our full range of products including detailed specifications and ordering details on our new easy-to-navigate website. When it comes to private label products, we can also quickly turn around new designs and specifications according to your requirements but now is the time to get in touch if you want to launch a new toilet tissue and/or kitchen towel range in the new year.
So while you’re making plans for ensuring that your seasonal stock flies off the shelves over the next few weeks, don’t forget to order something to replace it so that January doesn’t leave you with that ‘empty’ feeling!

Browse our website and contact us to place your order now to ensure that you can get the goods delivered over the Christmas period and for the first week in January.

Imran in Warehouse

Welcome to the new Rose Tissues website!

Welcome to the new Rose Tissues website!

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of good value, high quality toilet tissue and kitchen towel that has been established for over 30 years, our talented team has got a lot of expertise and insight to share when it comes to paper conversion.


Via our new website, Twitter feed, LinkedIn company page and e-newsletter, we’ll be keeping our customers and contacts up to date with the latest in toilet tissue and kitchen towel manufacturing for the consumer and ‘away from home’ markets across Europe. Whether you need a discount product that will guarantee to sell well in a wholesalers, or a private label range that you can sell on to your customers as your own, we’ll make sure that you’re up to date with what works best when it comes to product, packaging and price.


We’ll also take you on our journey towards gaining the ‘FSC Chain of Custody’ accreditation which will enable consumers to identify products that support responsible forest management, and carbon offsetting schemes to help to minimise our impact on the environment.

So fill in your details to sign up to receive our e-newsletter below and keep in touch with the Rose Tissues family of engineers, health & safety managers, machine operators and warehouse assistants who will tell you the secrets to success when it comes to sourcing and selling household disposable products.